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Barco wants to help you make critical decisions when the pressure’s on. We understand that mission critical enterprises need to view better, share faster and resolve quicker. By revolutionizing your operations team’s digital workspace to improve situational awareness and control, Barco solutions facilitate collaborative decision-making in emergencies. At InfoComm, come experience decision-making solutions in typical mission-critical workflows. The benefit of our solution is that we integrate well with all your legacy systems; Barco technology strengthens and streamlines your existing operational workflows. Whether reviewing situational awareness on the overview wall, controlling operational sub-systems in the operator workspace, refocusing on escalated incidents in remote breakout rooms, or securely sharing the common operation picture on the mobile devices of field workers - our focus is on collaborative decision-making for operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Technology Challenges in Addressing Emergency Situations

Unfortunately, there can’t be a one-size-fits-all approach to critical decision-making, and that’s where the challenges come in. Depending on the type of enterprise you’re from, situational awareness information may reside on different operational networks, each with their own security and access level, which may not be allowed to be combined.

Composing a visual common operational picture is the first step in diagnosing an emergency situation in a typical central control room. However, the ability to push this operational picture to other decision makers (both onsite and remote) means enabling a collaborative decision-making platform that responds quickly in securely pushing out critical information.

It’s important to also consider the comfort and design of the room. In order for control room operators to have maximum efficiency and effectiveness, the ergonomics and design are a factor to consider, as a functional physical environment ensures faster reaction to emergencies. The centerpiece design element of any control room is the digital workspace.

Barco has Bright Ideas for Critical Decision Making

Barco’s OpSpace software enables operators to view, share and control all operational information sources from different network layers thru an integrated visual environment. This avoids the need for switching workstations or sources to retain operational control.

Barco also has field-proven software to help you control your control room visualization and collaboration. Our Control Room Management Suite (CMS) is a secured, proven and enterprise-friendly software suite for easy overview wall management, efficient collaboration and the fastest decision-making inside and beyond any control room.  So if it’s important to include personnel in breakout or meeting rooms, everybody can be on the same page.

Barco’s TransForm N platform’s expanded offering also extends this operational collaboration towards remote experts and field workers. Most devices that have an HTML5 web browser and an internet connection (using WiFi, 4G, or LTE) can be used to securely receive and view the required common operational picture from the control room.

Control Room Solutions abound at InfoComm 2018

I know you’re probably looking to “get control” over your InfoComm schedule. So if you want to see technology for mission critical enterprises in action, you’ll want to visit Barco at Booth C2536. We’ll be showcasing the operator workspace and OpSpace, visualization management with CMS and collaborative visualization with TransForm N platform.

We look forward to welcoming you!


About the author

Suchit Rout, Global Strategic Marketing-Operator Experience

Suchit Rout heads the Global Strategic Marketing team in the Enterprise business unit for the Operator Experience group at Barco and is based in Atlanta, USA. He has over fourteen years of strategic marketing management experience across various regions and economies of the world. During his tenure at Barco since 2007, he has held various positions in technology, product marketing, market development, strategic business development, key account management, strategic alliances and strategic marketing management. Before leading his current effort, he led Barco’s Strategic Alliance program worldwide (consisting today of over 45 global technology companies and growing), as well as various strategic business development and go-to-market programs. He speaks English and Spanish as primary business languages and can be reached at @SuchitRout.

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